Department Of Hindi

Faculty Profile

Hindi is our Mother Language and is the Language of the Nation. In the context of grammar it is in fact the richest language of the world. Hindi Department is one of the oldest departments of this College. It was established with the founding of the College in 1973. Since then Prof. Amar Joshi  ,Prof. Neerja Gupta   have contributed significantly in enriching the Department. Presently under the warm and intellectual leadership of Mrs. Neerja Gupta, this Department is teaching the beauty of Hindi language and striving for excellence in linguistics.


  • To help the students to understand the greatness and necessity of the National language.
  • To make Hindi language more application oriented through applied grammar, administrative and scientific terms and enrich language skill through speaking, reading, writing articles and translation.
  • To have an in depth understanding of Hindi literature.


The department of Hindi aims to produce socially and culturally conscious, linguistically skilled, intellectually competent and personally committed students. An awareness of the immediate needs of our society and enhancing the values of justice, equality and liberty.