College Facilities

  1. NSS: Separate office and store facilities exist for NSS in the institution. There are two lawn specially maintained for NSS gathering.
  2. Canteen: A fully furnished canteen with separate sitting places for boys and girls is maintained by a private contractor. It serves hygienically prepared snacks, cold drinks and confectionery items on reasonable prices approved by the Canteen Committee of the college.
  3. Staff room: Staff room is situated on ground floor near the main Library and is well furnished with comfortable furniture, air-conditioner, refrigerator, water cooler, and personal locker facility for staff members.
  4. Common Rooms: Separate Common room is situated near the Principal office for girls only. In girls’ common room, a female attendant is provided to keep the things in order.
  5. Library: We exist in the world of books. A library could show you everything if you know where to look. A truly great library contains something into it to offend everyone. It is knowledge based pool of print and e- reading material. The library serves as a portal from where the readers can seek information electronically and expeditiously. The library is making its humble contribution empowering the students with knowledge. The college has a multi-sectional reader friendly library providing needed knowledge and information. Library is equipped with 9 computers connected with one server through LAN.Through N- List programme of INFLIBNET it provides access to the e-resources to faculty members and students. we subscribe number of subject based and general magazines online & in print form from where the readers can access information.

At present, the following infrastructural facilities are available in the institution.

Details of Infrastructural Facilities

Facilities for Curricular and Co-curricular Activities
1. Classrooms with Green Boards 09
2. Main Seminar Hall 01
3. Mini Seminar Hall/ Fashion Designing Lab 01
4. Conference Room 01
5. Mini Seminar Hall/Girls Common Room 01
6. Admission Cell 01
7. Computer Labs  02
8. Fashion Designing Labs 02
9. Main Library 01
10. Staff room 01
11. Canteen with separate setting arrangements for boys and girls 01
12. Specialized Equipment for Teaching-Learning multimedia Projectors 03
13. Portable Digital White Boards 02
14. DVD Players 01
15. Laptops 05
16. Scanners with printer 06
17. Printer 02
18. Printers with Scanner and fax 02
19. Colour Printer with scanner and fax 01
20. Telephone with fax machine 01
21. Colour TV 01
22. Photocopiers 02
23. LCD Screens 02
24. LED Screen 01