Library Rules

Library rules:- Library is a place for pursuit of knowledge, strict silence, therefore must be observed.
Library Enrollment: Readers who want to availble library facility shall enroll their name in enrollment register of
library. The librarian shall issue to a library member card.

Procedure of issuing books: At the time of borrowing a book the borrower shall show library card at the
time of borrowing and returning a book.
Eligibility to borrow book: All the students, teachers and non- teaching staff members of the college approved individually by the principal are eligible to be members of the library.
Recall of books and charging system: The librarian may recall any book from the borrower at any time after
issue and there is an overdue charge of Rs 5/- per day on every book beyond the usual lending period of 14 days. A book may be reissued if it is not in demand.

Library material not to be issued: Following material of the library shall not be issued:-

1) Reference books.
2) Rare books.
3) Journals and magazines.

Damage of material:  Users are responsible for any damage of reading and other material related to the library and  shall be required to pay the penalty.
1)A borrower shall replace a book if it is lost while in custody.
2) The use of mobile phone in the library is prohibited.