Post Graduate Degree

Eligibility For Admission

The admission is open to a person who has passed one of the following examinations from the Panjab University, or from any other University whose examination has been recognized as equivalent to the corresponding examination of this University (Under 10+2+ 3 system of Education) shall be eligible to join the first year (part-I) class of the M.A. course:­

(i)   BA with Honours in the subject of the Post-Graduate Course.

(ii)  Bachelor’s degree in any Faculty with at least 50 per cent marks in the aggregate.

(iii)  The B.A. /BCA and B.Sc. (Pass) examination in full subjects; obtaining at least 45 per cent marks in the elective subjects of the Postgraduate Course.

(v)   Master’s degree examination in another subject or another Faculty.

Duration of the course

2 Years

Subjects(M.A-I) Sem.I

  • Paper-I : Madhkaleen Punjabi Sahit da Itihas
  • Paper-II : Sahit Sidhant sanatan kavi shashter ate Punjabi Alochana
  • Paper-III : Option (i) : Madhkali Punjabi Kav-I
  • Paper-IV: Option (i) : Punjabi Naval

Subjects(M.A-I) Sem.II

  • Paper-V : Adhunik Punjabi Sahit da Itihas
  • Paper-VI : Adhunik Pashchimi kavi shashter ate Punjabi Alochana
  • Paper-VII : Option(i) : Madhkali Punjabi Kav-II
  • Paper-VIII: Option (i) : Punjabi Naval da adhiyain

Subjects (M.A.II) Sem.III

  • Paper-IX: Bhasha Vigyan ate Punjabi Bhasha
  • Paper-X: Sabhyachar Lokdhara ate Punjabi Sabhyachar
  • Paper-XI: Option (i) Adhunik Punjabi Kavita-I
  • Paper-XII:Option (i) Punjabi Natak ate Rangmanch da adhiyan-I

Subjects (M.A.II) Sem.IV

  • Paper-XIII: Bhasha Vigyan, Punjabi Bhasha ate Gurmukhi lipi
  • Paper-XIV: Punjabi Lokdhara ate Lok Sahit
  • Paper-XV: Option (i) Adhunik Punjabi Kavita-II
  • Paper-XVI:Option (i) Punjabi Natak ate Rangmanch da adhiyan-I