College provides various sports facilities to ensure maximum participation of students in sports activities. The campus has grounds for various sports such as Cricket, Hockey, Foot-ball, Kho-Kho, Kabbadi and Athletics.

Foot-ball ground (110 yards by 70 yards)

Hockey ground (100 yards by 60 yards)

Cricket ground with 60 meters fielding facility

Volley-ball ground (18 meters by 9 meters)

Kho-kho ground (29 meter by 16 meter)

Kabbadi ground (National style of Boys) (13meter 10 meter)

Kabbadi ground (National style of Girls) (12 meter 08 meter)

Sports ground with a 400 meters 8 lane track and facility for fields, events like jumps and throws

Cultural Activities: DVD Player, Two speakers, TV, Bhangra Kit, Sound System, Water Purifiers for Safe Drinking Water, Qualified Medical Officer-part time, Dispensary, First Aid Facility

Availability of quality refreshment.

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